What We Want for Renters in Hawai'i and on O'ahu

We recognize that Hawaii is illegally occupied by the United States Government, ultimately we want a return of Hawaiian sovereignty.

Within the confines of the illegitimate U.S. state of Hawaii, we endeavour for these goals:

Representation for Every Tenant

The landlords are organized. The construction companies and developers have their allies. We must give the power back to everyone who does not have control over their housing. We must be organized and that is the purpose of this Tenants Union. We build tenant power when we work together.

Housing is a Human Right

Ultimately, housing will only be a recognized human right when the government and the people free housing from the profit motive of private business. Public housing should be the best housing, and no private landlords should be allowed to profit off of occupied Hawaiian land. Everybody deserves housing regardless of their ability to pay.

The End of the Sit-Lie Ban and Sweeps

If the business owners and government do not like seeing people who are houseless, give our houseless neighbors keys to real apartments. The cure for houselessness is housing. It is not destroying the shelter of last resort.

Just Cause Evictions & Rent Control

Without rent control, rents have jumped 67% over ten years. Without rent control, the norm is unlimited increases to our rent from one year or month to the next. Without just cause requirements for eviction, we cannot be protected from landlords evicting us for no reason. Without just cause evictions, renters can be evicted in order to raise the rent. Without rent control, landlords can raise the rent in order to force out tenants. We need both.

Tenant Protections for Organizing

Official recognition and protection from retaliation. No tenant should be penalized, or retaliated against, for forming any organization of tenants be it a Tenant Union, Council, or other organization for the purposes of improving tenants rights and uniting against the landlords and property management companies.

Guaranteed Habitability

The current landlord tenant code only allows for repair deductions from the rent every six months, and only up to a few hundred dollars. Every apartment must be free of infestation, mold, damage, malfunctioning appliances and other defects. Every apartment must be safe and livable. Repairs must be made promptly.

Vacancy Taxes for Empty Homes

Investors love to buy up property, we prefer to live in it. There is no need for empty homes when there are plenty of people who need a home.

Municipal Internet

The profit motive corrupts internet providers and takes a neccessary resource and witholds it from everyone. Without means-testing, and without cost at the time of use, the internet must be accessible to every home on every island.