Building Renter Power

O'ahu is a rapidly gentrifying island. Approximately 42% of Hawai'i residents don't own the home they live in. Alone we have little power, but united we can effect change.

The Honolulu Tenants Union is a group of tenants pushing back against abusive landlords, building tenant power, and fighting for housing as a human right! We are out in the community, knocking on doors, and organizing with our neighbors. Do you want to organize your building or neighborhood? Let's do it together!

Our Mission

As Neighbors

Housing is a human right.

Nobody should be forced onto the street when they cannot find affordable housing to escape an abusive landlord. We are here to support each other and are committed to fighting together for equal and equitable housing for everyone. We stand with our fellow renters across the county of Honolulu to fight for all renters' rights. Landlords have money and allies in property management businesses, but we can find allies in local workers unions, non-profits, housing coalitions, and each other. When tenants stand together in solidarity instead of being divided by landlords and their middlemen, we have the power to demand change.

That is the mission of the Honolulu Tenants Union.

Our Points of Unity

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